Things you should know about a new HVAC System / HVAC Install

Retrofit – (most common) Replacing an existing HVAC system or even adding a system to an existing space that did not have one

     When retrofitting, it is critical to plan the scope of work as accurately as possible. The old HVAC system and new HVAC system will likely not have the same dimensions. Though some systems do have the same dimensions, modifications are almost always necessary for proper fitment.

As air conditioners are designed to be more efficient, they have also gotten physically larger. The coils need to be larger in order to limit energy consumption. This means that the most efficient model may not fit into the designated space because the space was not designed for such a large system. Air flow is the next thing to consider. An HVAC system will provide much better performance if the air flow is adequate. If the return duct to a system is undersized it will limit the performance of the blower motor. The blower motor is exactly that, a blower motor and not a sucker motor. A new high efficiency system with poor duct work will be an inefficient high efficiency system prone to problems. 

Blu Mechanical will help you choose the right system for your needs and wants.  Purchasing a new air conditioning and heating system is an expensive investment but, if done correctly, will last for many years.

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