​Maintenance on systems with humidifiers, zoning and some air cleaners may require additional charges based upon the system and requirements for proper maintenance.  This is addressed on a case by case basis.

Blu Mechanical has performed the maintenance on your system and all recommended repairs at the time of your maintenance have been completed* and your system fails within six months, we will come out and diagnose the problem at no additional charge. 

​*By Blu Mechanical, LLC


  • The purpose of air conditioning and heating maintenance is to take appropriate measures to ensure that your system is operating at peak performance.  

  • Accomplishing peak performance requires attention to detail regarding the operation of your HVAC system and addressing potential problems that lead to failure.  

  • Proper maintenance can mean the difference between a breakdown or a system that keeps you comfortable throughout the season. 

  • ​​Not all breakdowns are avoidable but many HVAC system failures do have the potential to be identified during a maintenance inspection. 

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance / Service / Repair


Residential and Commercial  HVAC

$69 Service Call for the first unit - each additional unit is $40

$79 Maintenance per unit


1.  Your unit must be installed by a licensed contractor!

2.  Proof must be supplied that the equipment has been properly maintained over the life of the warranty (i.e., a minimum of once-a-year maintenance)

Our standard maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

Checking for proper refrigerant levels (freon)

Checking operating pressures and temperatures

Testing electrical components and controls

Checking evaporator coil and clearing drain line when accessible

Cleaning outdoor / condenser coil

Lubricating motor and other moving parts

Inspecting condenser

​Checking filters